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orgmode_timestamps: "================================================================================\n\
prompt for date and insert timestamp C-c .\n\
like C-c . but insert date and time format C-u C-c .\n\
like C-c . but make stamp inactive C-c !\n\
insert DEADLINE timestamp C-c C-d\n\
insert SCHEDULED timestamp C-c C-s\n\
create sparse tree with all deadlines due C-c C-w\n\
the time between 2 dates in a time range C-c C-y\n\
change timestamp at cursor by \xC3\x82\xC2\xB11 day S-RIGHT/LEFT [3]\n\
change year/month/day at cursor by \xC3\x82\xC2\xB11 S-UP/DOWN [3]\n\
access the calendar for the current date C-c >\n\
insert timestamp matching date in calendar C-c <\n\
access agenda for current date C-c C-o\n\
select date while prompted mouse-1/RET\n\
toggle custom format display for dates/times C-c C-x C-t\n\n\
Clocking time\n\
start clock on current item C-c C-x C-i\n\
stop clock on current item C-c C-x C-o\n\
cancel current clock C-c C-x C-x\n\
display total subtree times C-c C-x C-d\n\
remove displayed times C-c C-c\n\
insert/update table with clock report C-c C-x C-r"