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perforce: "# perforce helpers\n\n\
# find unadded files\n\
alias p5_unadded=\"find . -type f | grep -v '.*EXCLUDE_PATTERN' | p4 -x - have > /dev/null\"\n\n\
# deletes empty dirs b/c perforce will sync and leave empty dirs\n\
alias p5_delete_empty_dirs=\"find . -depth -empty -type d -exec rmdir {} \\;\"\n\n\
# get and then check for conflicts\n\
alias p5_get=\"p4 sync ...; p4 resolve ...;\"\n\n\
# check for unadded, revert unmodified, submit\n\
alias p5_put=\"p5_unadded; p4 revert -a ...; p4 submit ...;\"\n\n\
# opens diff for a tree in textmate, ignoring whitespace changes\n\
alias p5_diff=\"p4 diff -db ... | mate;\"\n\n\
# add a directory tree (recursively)\n\
alias p5_add=\"find . -type f -print | p4 -x - add;\"\n\n\
# opens for edit recursively\n\
alias p5_edit=\"p4 edit ...;\"\n\n\
# reverts unmodified files\n\
alias p5_revert=\"p4 revert -a ...;\"\n\n\n\
p4 add # Open a new file to add it to the depot \n\
p4 admin # Perform administrative operations on the server \n\
p4 annotate # Print file lines along with their revisions \n\
p4 branch # Create or edit a branch specification \n\
p4 branches # Display list of branches \n\
p4 change # Create or edit a changelist description \n\
p4 changes # Display list of pending and submitted changelists \n\
p4 changelist # Create or edit a changelist description \n\
p4 changelists # Display list of pending and submitted changelists \n\
p4 client # Create or edit a client specification and its view \n\
p4 clients # Display list of known clients \n\
p4 counter # Display, set, or delete a counter \n\
p4 counters # Display list of known counters \n\
p4 delete # Open an existing file to delete it from the depot \n\
p4 depot # Create or edit a depot specification \n\
p4 depots # Display list of depots \n\
p4 describe # Display a changelist description \n\
p4 diff # Display diff of client file with depot file \n\
p4 diff2 # Display diff of two depot files \n\
p4 dirs # List subdirectories of a given depot directory \n\
p4 edit # Open an existing file for edit \n\
p4 filelog # List revision history of files \n\
p4 files # List files in the depot \n\
p4 fix # Mark jobs as being fixed by named changelists \n\
p4 fixes # List what changelists fix what job \n\
p4 flush # Fake a \xE2\x80\x98p4 sync\xE2\x80\x99 by not moving files \n\
p4 fstat # Dump file info \n\
p4 group # Change members of a user group \n\
p4 groups # List groups (of users) \n\
p4 have # List revisions last synced \n\
p4 help # Print this help message \n\
p4 info # Print out client/server information \n\
p4 integrate # Schedule integration from one file to another \n\
p4 integrated # Show integrations that have been submitted \n\
p4 job # Create or edit a job (defect) specification \n\
p4 jobs # Display list of jobs \n\
p4 jobspec # Edit the job template \n\
p4 label # Create or edit a label specification and its view \n\
p4 labels # Display list of labels \n\
p4 labelsync # Synchronize label with the current client contents \n\
p4 license # Update or display the license file \n\
p4 lock # Lock an opened file against changelist submission \n\
p4 logger # Report what jobs and changelists have changed \n\
p4 login # Login to Perforce by obtaining a session ticket \n\
p4 logout # Logout of Perforce by removing or invalidating a ticket. \n\
p4 monitor # Display current running Perforce process information \n\
p4 move # Move file(s) from one location to another \n\
p4 obliterate # Remove files and their history from the depot \n\
p4 opened # Display list of files opened for pending changelist \n\
p4 passwd # Set user password on server (and Windows client) \n\
p4 print # Retrieve a depot file to the standard output \n\
p4 protect # Modify protections in the server namespace \n\
p4 protects # Display protections in place for a given user/path \n\
p4 rename # Explains how to rename files \n\
p4 reopen # Change the type or changelist number of an opened file \n\
p4 resolve # Merge open files with other revisions or files \n\
p4 resolved # Show files that have been merged but not submitted \n\
p4 revert # Discard changes from an opened file \n\
p4 review # List and track changelists (for the review daemon) \n\
p4 reviews # Show what users are subscribed to review files \n\
p4 set # Set variables in the registry (Windows only) \n\
p4 sizes # Display size information for files in the depot \n\
p4 submit # Submit open files to the depot \n\
p4 sync # Synchronize the client with its view of the depot \n\
p4 tag # Tag files with a label \n\
p4 tickets # Display list of session tickets for this user \n\
p4 triggers # Modify list of pre-submit and form-validating triggers \n\
p4 typemap # Modify the file name-to-type mapping table \n\
p4 unlock # Release a locked file but leave it open \n\
p4 user # Create or edit a user specification \n\
p4 users # Display list of known users \n\
p4 verify # Verify that the server archives are intact \n\
p4 workspace # Create or edit a client specification and its view \n\
p4 workspaces # Display list of known clients \n\
p4 where # Show how file names map through the client view"