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radrails: "see also: radrails_rhtml, radrails_ruby\n\n\
Ctrl-Alt-T: Jump to the test case of a model or controller and vice versa.\n\n\
Ctrl-Shift-V: Jump to the view of a controller method and vice versa.\n\n\
Ctrl-Alt-X: Extract partial from a view. Simply select the code block you want to factor out into a separate partial an press the key combination. A window opens an you can enter the name for the new partial (dont\xE2\x80\x99t forget the _ and the .rhtml).\n\n\
Ctrl-Shift-F: Auto-format the selected code (Ruby only). Not that mature, yet, and seems to have problems with regular expression - currently not recommended to use.\n\n\
Ctrl-Shift-C (or Ctrl-/): Toggle comment (Ruby only), i.e. the selected code block will be commented out if it wasn't (# are inserted in the first column of each row), and vice versa.\n\n\
Ctrl-Shift-R: Search a file in all open projects and jump to it just by pressing enter. The search is incremental. This tools makes browsing in a project extremly fast as you can do it without ever touching your mouse.\n\n\
Also: Window->Preferences->General->Keys."
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