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rinari: |-
"Rinari Is Not A Rails IDE"
Actually, it kind of is. Rinari's a set of Emacs libraries to help work with
Moving around in Rinari:
C-c ; f c rinari-find-controller
C-c ; f e rinari-find-environment
C-c ; f f rinari-find-file-in-project
C-c ; f h rinari-find-helper
C-c ; f i rinari-find-migration
C-c ; f j rinari-find-javascript
C-c ; f l rinari-find-plugin
C-c ; f m rinari-find-model
C-c ; f n rinari-find-configuration
C-c ; f o rinari-find-log
C-c ; f p rinari-find-public
C-c ; f r rinari-find-rspec
C-c ; f s rinari-find-script
C-c ; f t rinari-find-test
C-c ; f v rinari-find-view
C-c ; f w rinari-find-worker
C-c ; f x rinari-find-fixture
C-c ; f y rinari-find-stylesheet
Actions in Rinari:
C-c ; c rinari-console
C-c ; e rinari-insert-erb-skeleton
C-c ; f Prefix Command
C-c ; g rinari-rgrep
C-c ; q rinari-sql
C-c ; r rinari-rake
C-c ; s rinari-script
C-c ; t rinari-test
C-c ; w rinari-web-server
C-c ; x rinari-extract-partial
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