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roo: "roo gem -\n\n\
roo is a Ruby gem to read the following Excel and OpenOffice formats: \n * Open-office spreadsheets (.ods)\n * Excel spreadsheets (.xls)\n * Google (online) spreadsheets\n * Excel\xE2\x80\x99s new file format .xlsx\n\n\n\
gem install roo\n\n\n\
==================\n require 'rubygems'\n require 'roo'\n \n oo =\"simple_spreadsheet.ods\")\n oo.default_sheet = oo.sheets.first\n\n # iterate all rows \n # cells are named 1,A, 1,B, 2,A, 2,B etc.. \n 0.upto(oo.last_row) do |line|\n name = oo.cell(line,'A')\n age = oo.cell(line,'B')\n\n puts \"Name: #{name}\"\n puts \"Age: #{age}\\n\"\n end\n\n DOCUMENTATION\n ================\n"
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