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rpm: |-
Install a package: rpm -ivh {rpm-file} [{rpm-file}] ...
Upgrade package: rpm -Uvh {rpm-file} [{rpm-file}] ...
Erase/remove an installed package: rpm -ev [--nodeps] {package}
List all installed packages: rpm -qa
Show package detail: rpm -qi {package}
Validate all files in package: rpm -V {package}
Show package contents: rpm -q --filesbypkg {package}
Show package ownership of file: rpm -qf {/path/to/file}
Show config files for package: rpm -qc {package-name}
Show config files for command: rpm -qcf {/path/to/file}
Show recently installed RPMs: rpm -qa --last
Show package dependencies: rpm -qpR {rpm-file}
rpm -qR {package}
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