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sbt: |-
(simple build tool)
actions - list available actions
update - resolves+updates all external dependencies
compile - compile project
package - create .jar files
doc - generate scaladoc
publish-local - publish to ~/.ivy2/local
test - compiles and runs test
clean-plugins - delete project plugin cache (useful for dev)
clean-lib - delete managed libs (managed_lib)
clean-cache - Deletes the cache of downloaded artifacts
console - Starts the Scala interpreter with a classpath including
the compiled sources, all jars in the lib directory, and
managed libraries.
console-quick - directly runs console, no other actions first
console-project- console with everything
projects - list all projects defined in project
'project name' - invoke next command with project name
~ <action> - executes specified action whenever source files change
+ <action> - executes specified action for all scala versions
++<ver> <act> - executes specified action for specified version
debug <action> - runs action with debug logging