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sh: |-
Help - use these commands to get more information about the commands below
man <cmd> - get usage information about command <cmd>
info <cmd> - get usage information about command <cmd>
ls - list directory contents
pwd - report current directory
cd <dir> - change current directory to <dir>
pushd <dir> - change directory and store previous directory on stack
popd - return to directory on top of stack
find - list directory contents recursively
mkdir <dir> - make new directory
rmdir <dir> - remove empty directory
Text files
cat <files> - show file contents
grep <pattern> <files> - find pattern in files
vi (or vim) <file> - edit file
diff <old> <new> - report changes between files
patch - apply changes to a file
less or more - page through a text file
cp <src> <dest> - copy file
mv <src> <dest> - move file
rm <files> - delete file
chmod <permissions> <files> - change file permissions
ln - create link between files (give a file multiple names)
gzip/gunzip - compress/decompress files
bzip/bunzip - compress/decompress files
tar - package/unpackage multiple files into archive file (usually used in conjunction with gzip or bzip compression). See man pages
zip/unzip - compress/decompress windows zip archives
ps - list running processes
pstree - list running processes as tree
kill - kill running process
uptime - get information about running kernel, machine load
top - keep track of processes using the most resources
date - show current date
uname - show info about OS
which <executable> - find out where in path <executable> lives
hostname - get host name of current machine
ifconfig - get information about network interfaces (including IP addresses)
ssh - secure shell. Used to login to remote machines
links or lynx - text-only browser
wget or curl - download remote file (http, ftp, etc)
useradd - create user
whoami - report your username
last - list recent logins
su - login as another user
sudo - run a command as another user
who - report who is currently logged in
passwd - change password