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simpletest: |-
* A unit test class with all available functions
require 'simpletest/autorun.php';
class HelloTest extends UnitTestCase {
function setUp() {
// Runs this before each test method
function tearDown() {
// Runs this after each test method
function testHello() {
// Fail if $x is false
$x = true;
// Fail if $x is true
// Fail if $x is set
// Fail if $x not set
// Fail if $x is not the class or type $t
$this->assertIsA($x, $t);
// Fail if $x is of the class or type $t
$this->assertNotA($x, $t);
// Fail if $x == $y is false
$this->assertEqual($x, $y);
// Fail if $x == $y is true
$this->assertNotEqual($x, $y);
// Fail if abs($x - $y) < $m is false
$this->assertWithinMargin($x, $y, $m);
// Fail if abs($x - $y) < $m is true
$this->assertOutsideMargin($x, $y, $m);
// Fail if $x == $y is false or a type mismatch
$this->assertIdentical($x, $y);
// Fail if $x == $y is true and types match
$this->assertNotIdentical($x, $y);
// Fail unless $x and $y are the same variable
$this->assertReference($x, $y);
// Fail unless $x and $y are identical copies
$this->assertClone($x, $y);
// Fail unless the regex $p matches $x
$this->assertPattern($p, $x);
// Fail if the regex $p matches $x
$this->assertNoPattern($p, $x);
// Swallows any upcoming matching error
// Fail on failed expectation object $e
// Sends a test pass
// Sends a test failure
// Sends an exception event
// Sends a user defined message to the test reporter
$this->signal($type, $payload);
// Does a formatted print_r() for quick and dirty debugging
* A test suite class that loads all tests from files that end
* in "_test.php", from a directory structure like this:
* lib-foo/test/1_test.php
* lib-foo/test/2_test.php
* lib-bar/test/1_test.php
* lib-bar/test/2_test.php
* this_class_in_a_file.php
require 'simpletest/autorun.php';
class AllTests extends TestSuite {
function AllTests() {
$this->TestSuite('All tests');
// Load all test files from all libs
$glob_pattern = dirname(__FILE__) . "/**/test/*_test.php";
$test_files = glob($glob_pattern);
foreach ($test_files as $test_file) {