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textmate: "\xE2\x8C\x98 = command \n\
\xE2\x8C\x83 = control\n\
\xE2\x8C\xA5 = option\n\
\xE2\x87\xA7 = shift \n\n\
File Navigation\n\
go to file: \xE2\x8C\x98 T\n\
go to method: \xE2\x87\xA7 \xE2\x8C\x98 T \n\
go to line: \xE2\x8C\x98 L\n\
\xEF\xAC\x81nd in file: \xE2\x8C\x98 F \n\
\xEF\xAC\x81nd in project: \xE2\x87\xA7 \xE2\x8C\x98 F\n\
reveal in project: \xE2\x8C\x83\xE2\x8C\x98 R\n\n\
wrap block in tag: \xE2\x8C\x83\xE2\x87\xA7 W\n\
insert html tag: \xE2\x8C\x83\xE2\x87\xA7 ,\n\
insert ruby code: \xE2\x8C\x83\xE2\x87\xA7 .\n\
insert closing tag: \xE2\x8C\xA5 \xE2\x8C\x98 .\n\n\
code completion: esc\n\
fold / unfold: F1\n\
comment selection: \xE2\x8C\x98 /\n\
indent selection left: \xE2\x8C\x98 [\n\
indent selection right: \xE2\x8C\x98 ]\n\
column selection: \xE2\x8C\xA5 (drag)\n\n\
Ruby/Rails tab triggers\n\
class: cla (tab)\n\
method: def (tab)\n\
module: mod (tab)\n\
has_many: hm (tab)\n\
belongs_to: bt (tab)\n\
lambda: lam (tab)"
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