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ubuntu_keyborad_shortcuts: |-
Desktop shortcuts
Alt + F1
Open the Applications menu
Alt + F2
Run an application by typing its name in the box which appears
Prt Sc
(Print Screen) Take a screenshot of the whole screen
Alt + Prt Sc
Take a screenshot of the current window
Window shortcuts
Alt + Tab
Switch between currently-open windows.
Ctrl + Alt + Left/Right Cursor
Lets you quickly switch between your Workspaces.
These might not work on every machine, but are reasonably common:
Moves the current window (can be moved with mouse or keyboard).
Resizes current window (again, can be moved with mouse or keyboard).
Minimises current window.
Maximises current window.
Brings up window menu with with 'Always on Top' and 'Minimise' and 'Maximise' and above commands.
These might change depending on the application you're using, but work for most common applications:
Returns window to 'normal' or previous size.
Closes window.
Desktop Effects enabled shortcuts
Ctrl + Alt + Left/Right Cursor
Spins the 'cube' that your workspaces reside on, allowing you to select the workspace you wish to use.
Ctrl + Alt + Up Cursor
Enables an 'expose' like feature that presents you with all the windows you currently have open, allowing you to select the one you wish to give focus to.
Ctrl + Alt + Down Cursor
Unfolds your workspace cube allowing you to see more than one of your workspaces at once, using the left and right cursor keys with this active will allow you to select the workspace you wish to use.
Ctrl + Alt + Tab
Switch between currently-open windows across all workspaces.
Super + W
Enables the 'scale' effect, it shows all windows from the current workspace.
Super + A
Enables the 'scale' effect, it shows all windows from all workspaces.
Super + N
Invert colours of the focused window.
Super + M
Invert colours for the whole screen.
Super + Mouse Scroll Wheel
Zooms in on the screen.
Super + Middle Mouse Button
Select a region to zoom into, using a rectangle.
Ctrl + Alt + D
Toggles 'Show Desktop'.
Alt + Middle Mouse Button
Resize focused window.
Alt + Left Mouse Button
Move focused window.
Alt + Right Mouse Button
Show window menu.
Common application shortcuts
Ctrl + C
Copy the selected text/object
Ctrl + X
Cut the selected text/object
Ctrl + V
Paste/insert the selected text/object
Ctrl + A
Select all text
Ctrl + B
Make the selected text bold
Ctrl + I
Make the selected text italic
Ctrl + U
Underline the selected text
Ctrl + N
Open a new document or window
Ctrl + S
Save the current document
Ctrl + O
Open another document
Ctrl + P
Print the current document
Ctrl + Z
Undo the last change you made
Ctrl + Shift + Z
Redo a change that you just undid
System shortcuts
Ctrl + Alt + Delete
Restart the computer immediately, without saving open files
Ctrl + Alt + Plus (numeric keypad)
Rotate through supported screen resolutions
Ctrl + Alt + Minus (numeric keypad)
Rotate backwards through supported screen resolutions
Firefox Web Browser
Ctrl + T
Open a new tab
Ctrl + Tab
Rotate through each tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Rotate backwards through each tab
Ctrl + W
Close the current tab (or browser if on last tab)
Ctrl + L
Enter a new web address
Ctrl + B
Show a list of your bookmarks
Ctrl + H
Show your browsing history
Ctrl + K
Enter a new web search in the search bar
Ctrl + Y
Show a list of downloaded files
Display the current page full-screen
Stop loading the current page
Ctrl + R
Reload the current page
These might not work for everyone, but can help with accessibility issues:
Alt Gr+Space
Scrolls current tab/window down.
Alt Gr+Backspace
Scrolls current tab/window up. You may find Alt Gr+Shift+Space works if Alt Gr+Backspace does not. Writer
Check the spelling of the current document
Ctrl + F
Find and replace words
Ctrl + Z
Undo the last change
Ctrl + Y
Redo a change which you just undid
Ctrl + L
Align the current paragraph/selection to the left
Ctrl + E
Align the current paragraph/selection to the center of the document
Ctrl + R
Align the current paragraph/selection to the right
Ctrl + Shift + J
Show the current document full-screen
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