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vi: "Primary Commands\r\n\
d delete\r\n\
y copy\r\n\
c change\r\n\
r replace\r\n\
p paste\r\n\
u undo\r\n\
a append\r\n\
o new line\r\n\
x delete char\r\n\
control-R redo\r\n\
dd dw d4j delete line, delete word, delete 5 lines\r\n\
yy yw copy line, copy word\r\n\
p paste a line\r\n\
:s/a/b/ replace a with b\r\n\
h j k l left, down, up right, one character/line at a time\r\n\
w b e next word, back word, end of word\r\n\
W B E same, but ignores punctuation\r\n\
gg beginning of file\r\n\
G end of File\r\n\
0 first column in a line\r\n\
^ beginning of line\r\n\
$ end of line\r\n\
/ enter a string, searches for string\r\n\
control-U page up\r\n\
control-B page down\r\n\
100G - goto line 1000\r\n\
Escape command mode\r\n\
i insert mode\r\n\
v visual mode\r\n\
V visual (line) mode\r\n\
:u undo\r\n\
:q quit\r\n\
:q! force quit\r\n\
:wq write, quit\r\n\
:/<string> Search for next occurrence of <string>\r\n\
:?<string> Search for previous occurrence of <string>\r\n\
:%s/<str_a>/<str_b>/g Replace all str_a with str_b in current buffer"
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