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vim2: |-
### vim cheat sheet ###
### ###
Cursor Motion:
fx Move cursor forward to next occurrence of the character x.
; will repeat the last f command given.
tx Same as above but moves the cursor to the right of character x.
Fx Backward to next occurrence of character x on current line.
w Forward by one word.
b Backward by a word.
O Beginning of line.
^ First character on current line.
$ End of line.
) Forward to next sentence.
( Backward by a sentence.
C-f Forward by screenful of text.
C-b Backward by screenful of text.
G End of file.
numG To line 'num'.
gg Beginning of file.
H Top of screen.
M Middle of screen.
L Bottom of screen.
* Read string under cursor and go to next place it appears.
# Same as above, except previous.
/text Search for text. 'n' executes search again.
?text Same as above, but backwards.
ma Mark with bookmark 'a'.
`a Go to bookmark 'a'.
`. Goto line last edited.