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watir: |-
for windows users
== install ruby first.
Use windows one-click installer 1.8.6 (26)
install into default location c:\ruby
== update rubygems
the default rubygems on that ruby installer is old.
$ gem update --system
if you are behind firewall use proxy server settings
$ gem update --system -p http://host:port
or set environment var
$ set HTTP_PROXY=http://host:port
== Install watir
gem (currently 1.6.5)
$ gem install watir
== watir-console (irb = interactive ruby)
start cmd.exe windows terminal and execute this
$ watir-console
you will get a prompt to talk to ruby.
watir-console is a watir executable that invokes IRB.
study it here c:\ruby\lib\bin\watir-console
>> browser = Watir::Browser.start ""
=> #<Watir::IE:0x2d5d00c url="" title="Watir">
the above commands will start default browser (IE) and navigate to
use irb to talk to the browser
>> browser.class #=> Watir::IE class that talks to IE on windows
>> Watir::IE::VERSION #=> will output the version of watir library (1.6.5)
all the commands you enter into watir-console will be automatically saved in 'console.log' file in your current working directory.
$ Dir.pwd #=> this will tell you what directory you are in and where to find your 'console.log' file.
>> require 'pp' #=> this will make pretty printing of objects, just do it
Here are class methods of Watir::IE
>> pp browser.class.methods(false).sort
There are about 20.
get familiar with the following
["attach", "close_all", "find", "start",]
example: attach to the window with a title Watir
>>browser = Watir::IE.attach(:title, /Watir/)
Here are instance methods
>> pp browser.class.instance_methods(false).sort
that's about 70 useful methods.
Now you can experiment with browser object started with Watir::IE
browser.class is the same as Watir::IE so in this example
the above command is the same as this
>> pp Watir::IE.instance_methods(false).sort
Find methods
>> pp Watir::IE.instance_methods.grep(/show_/)
=> nil
The show methods are great in showing what's in the DOM
example on
>> browser.show_forms
There are 1 forms
Form name:
id: search_form
method: get
(by @rubytester)