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YUI Component Module Name
============= ===========
Animation Utility animation
AutoComplete Control autocomplete
Base CSS Style Foundation base
Button Control button
Calendar Control calendar
Carousel Control carousel
Charts Control charts
Color Picker Control colorpicker
Connection Manager connection
Cookie Utility cookie
Container Family Core (Module,
Overlay) containercore
Container Family (Module,
Overlay Panel, Tooltip,
Dialog, SimpleDialog) container
DataSource Utility datasource
DataStore Utility datastore
DataTable Control datatable
Dom Collection dom
Drag & Drop Utility dragdrop
Rich Text Editor editor
Element Utility element
Event Utility event
Fonts CSS fonts
Get Utility get
Grids CSS Kit grids
Browser History Manager history
ImageLoader Utility imageloader
ImageCropper Control imagecropper
JSON Utility json
Layout Manager layout
Logger Control logger
Menu Control menu
Paginator paginator
Profiler profiler
ProfilerViewer Control profilerviewer
Resize Utility resize
Reset CSS reset
Selector Utility selector
Simple Editor simpleeditor
Slider Control slider
TabView Control tabview
TreeView Control treeview
Uploader Control uploader
YAHOO Global Object yahoo
YUI Loader Utility yuiloader
YUI Test yuitest
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