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zentest: |-
gem install ZenTest
# autotest
$ autotest [options]
-help You're looking at it.
-v Be verbose. Prints files that autotest doesn't know how to map to tests.
-q Be more quiet.
-f Fast start. Doesn't initially run tests at start.
# Rails testing
require 'test/rails'
## assertions
assert_empty []
assert_in_epsilon a, b, 0.5
assert_include [a, b, c], a
assert_includes [a, b, c], a # just syntactical sugar
deny false
deny_empty [1, 2, 3]
deny_equal 1, 2 # alias for assert_not_equal
deny_include [a, b, c], d
deny_includes [a, b, c], d # just syntactical sugar
deny_nil [] # alias for assert_not_nil