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iChm is a CHM reader for Mac OS X
Objective-C C JavaScript
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Bookmarks.xcdatamodel update schema
Dutch.lproj fix auto scrolling bug
English.lproj fix xib file
German.lproj fix auto scrolling bug
Spanish.lproj fix auto scrolling bug
ichm.xcodeproj full screen
zh_CN.lproj fix auto scrolling bug
zh_TW.lproj fix auto scrolling bug
.gitignore update gitignore
BookmarkController.h bookmark
BookmarkController.m fix warnings
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BookmarkView.m bookmark
CHMBookmark.h bookmark
CHMBookmark.m fix bug when bookmark without tag
CHMDocument.h fix warnings
CHMDocument.m full screen
CHMExporter.h progress indicator for exporting
CHMExporter.m fix exporting bug
CHMFile.h bookmark
CHMFile.m bookmark
CHMOutlineView.h init check in
CHMOutlineView.m init check in
CHMTableOfContent.h fix warnings
CHMTableOfContent.m fix empty TOC caused by malformat
CHMTag.h bookmark
CHMTag.m bookmark
CHMTextEncodingMenu.h init check in
CHMTextEncodingMenu.m fix warnings
CHMWebView.h navigate pages with space bar
CHMWebView.m navigate pages with space bar
CHMWebViewController.h navigate pages with space bar
CHMWebViewController.m fix auto scrolling bug
ICHMApplication.h init check in
ICHMApplication.m init check in
ITSSProtocol.h init check in
ITSSProtocol.m sniffing for html
Info.plist full screen add readme
TB_Sidebar.png init check in
highlight.js init check in
home.png init check in
ichm.css init check in
ichm_Prefix.pch init check in
ichm_file.icns init check in
lcid.h init check in
main.m init check in
redbird.icns init check in
test.html init check in
textencoding.plist init check in
view.tif support index

iChm is a chm file reader for Mac OS X


  • Fully built with Cocoa. No ugly window and slow rendering.
  • Tab browsing
  • Search through the chm file. Automatically sorted by relevance.
  • Find in the page
  • Index
  • Find by Index
  • Text encoding switching
  • Tag powered bookmark
  • Export whole file to PDF
  • Back/Forward/Home
  • Text zoom
  • Automatically locate current document in table of content
  • Localized in Chinese, German, Spanish and Dutch.


Mac OS X 10.6 or above

For Mac OS X 10.5, please use iChm 1.4.3

iChm for iPhone/iPod Touch

An iPhone/iPod Touch version of iChm is available at Apple's App Store



This project is open sourced under BSD License AND following conditions should also met before any redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, is permitted:

  • Redistributions must include the name and link to this project.
  • Redistributions must include the names of the contributors of this project.
  • Commercial redistribution must notify users the name and link to this project before users will buy the redistributions.
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