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Indented Sass syntax highlighting, autocomplete & snippets for VSCode

VSCode only has built in support for SCSS syntax so I have put this together for people who prefer to use the indented syntax.

Highlighting Example


Search for Sass from the extension installer within VSCode or put this into the command palette.

ext install sass-indented

Property/Value Autocompletion & Emmet

Autocompletion for css properties and built in language functions (@warn, @at-root, lighten(), darken() etc) is built in. As of version 1.3 VSCode supports Emmet in .sass files, the original snippets for css properties have been removed.


Snippets have been reduced to a few time savers.

var - declare a new variable
mixin - declare a new mixin
if - base for an @if statement
for - base for a @for loop
each - base for a @each loop
while - base for a @while loop


The source for this extension is available on github. If anyone feels that there is something missing or would like to suggest improvements please open a new issue or send a pull request! Instructions for running/debugging extensions locally here.



The full changelog is available here: changelog.