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1.0.0-pre - Full Feature implementation done.
- Fixed tests
- Added new style
- Every "js-" prefix in css classes is now "fg-" and stands for 'fancygrid'
0.6.2 - Drop down select box is now possible as a simple search input field
0.6.1 - Refactored js and improved column sorting
0.6.0 - Initial implemetation of column sorting feature
0.5.1 - Fixed the complex search and improved viewstate caching.
0.5.0 - Initial implementation of the complex search.
0.4.2 - Ability to define a block for print out a custom css class for each table row. Check out the 'css_proc' method
- Implemented flexible query generator. You dont have to clutter all your conditions into a single place anymore
0.4.1 - Added a dummy testapplication into spec folder.
- Added several tests testing the core functionality.
- Added more documentation.
- Fixed a bug where not all find options were passed to the final find call.
0.4.0 - Fancygrid is now a Rails Engine instead of a Railtie. This allows us to
use template names for rendering, instead of absolute pathes. This makes
it possible to use fancygrid in other rails engines.
- Dumping and loading a view state for a grid is now possible. You can
dump and save a viewstate when a user leaves a site and load that state
when the user comes back.
- The initializer variable names have changed. Check the new initializer
file and compare it to the one in your projects.
0.3.3 - Fixed pagination
0.3.2 - Flexible initilaization
0.3.1 - Raketask replaced with generators
0.3.0 - Grid rendering using blocks is now possible
0.2.0 - Revisited implementation
0.1.0 - Initial implementation
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