Gem for Rails 3 and 4, that helps validate overlap
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This project rocks and uses MIT-LICENSE.

This gem is compatible with Rails 3 and 4.

When this gem should be helpful for you?

If you are developing Rails 3 app, let say some meeting planner and you can't save records which have time overlap.


Add to your gemfile

gem 'validates_overlap'

In your model

without scope

validates :starts_at, :ends_at, :overlap => true

with scope

validates :starts_at, :ends_at, :overlap => {:scope => "user_id"}

exclude edges

validates :starts_at, :ends_at, :overlap => {:exclude_edges => "starts_at"}
validates :starts_at, :ends_at, :overlap => {:exclude_edges => ["starts_at", "ends_at"]}

shift edges

validates :starts_at, :ends_at, :overlap => {:start_shift =>, :end_shift =>}

define custom validation key and message

validates :starts_at, :ends_at, :overlap => {:message_title => "Some validation title", :message_content => "Some validation message"}

with complicated relations

Example describes valildatation of user, positions and time slots. User can't be assigned 2 times on position which is under time slot with time overlap.

class Position < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :time_slot
  belongs_to :user
  validates "time_slots.starts_at", "time_slots.ends_at",
    :overlap => {
      :query_options => {:includes => :time_slot},
      :scope => { "positions.user_id" => proc{|position| position.user_id} }

apply named scopes

class ActiveMeeting < ActiveRecord::Base
  validates :starts_at, :ends_at, :overlap => {:query_options => {:active => nil}}
  scope :active, where(:is_active => true)

Rails 4.1 update

If you just upgraded your application to rails 4.1 you can discover some issue with custom scopes. In older versions we suggest to use definition like

  {:overlap => {:query_options => {:active => true}}}

but this code is not longer working. Currently please change your code to

  {:overlap => {:query_options => {:active => nil}}}

Thanks @supertinou for discovering and fix of this bug.