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// Your elastic search server
'elasticsearch_server' => "elasticsearch:9200",
// URL path to kibana. Apache users can safely leave this
// blank in most situations.
'app_path' => '',
// The record type as defined in your logstash configuration.
// Seperate multiple types with a comma, no spaces. Leave blank
// for all.
'type' => '',
// Results to show per page
'results_per_page' => 50,
// You may wish to insert a default search which all user searches
// must match. For example @source_host:www1 might only show results
// from www1.
'filter_string' => '',
// When searching, Kibana will attempt to only search indices
// that match your timeframe, to make searches faster. You can
// turn this behavior off if you use something other than daily
// indexing
'smart_index' => true,
// ElasticSearch has a default limit on URL size for REST calls,
// so Kibana will fall back to _all if a search spans too many
// indices. Use this to set that 'too many' number
'smart_index_limit' => 60,
// When using analyze, use this many of the most recent
// results for user's query
'analyze_limit' => 20000,
// Show this many results in analyze/ mode
'analyze_show' => 25,
// Show this many results in an rss feed
'rss_show' => 20,
// Show this many results in an exported file
'export_show' => 2000,
// Delimit exported file fields with what?
// You may want to change this to something like "\t" (tab) if you have
// commas in your logs
'export_delimiter' => ",",
// By default, Kibana will look for grok/filter defined fields
// in your results. Logstash has some default fields that it also
// supplies. You might want to enable or disable some of those.
'default_fields' => array(
// You probably don't want to touch anything below this line
// unless you really know what you're doing
// Primary field. By default Elastic Search has a special
// field called _all that is searched when no field is specified.
// Dropping _all can reduce index size significantly. If you do that
// you'll need to change primary_field to be '@message'
'primary_field' => '_all',
// Default Elastic Search index to query
'default_index' => '_all',
// default search settings
'default_search' => array(
'search' => '*',
'fields' => '',
'time' => '',
'offset' => 0,
'analyze_field' => '',
'local_timezone' => date_default_timezone_get(),