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a1a885a Adding package task liberally copied from puppet-dashboard.
3527443 Updating apple pkg task to refer to ext directory.
445a6f2 ext is more appropriate than conf for a dirname.
ade5567 Adding debian packaging to hiera.
3ef4f96 Move redhat spec into conf dir, to standardize packaging.
b6218b9 (maint) Hiera should raise an error when config is missing
1df7201 Update mac packaging to dynamically generate preflight
10f930f Add mac packaging to hiera
22a98ee Remove Puppet parser functions
0067cd2 (maint) Additional tests for Hiera array and hash lookups
7312a95 (maint) Add Hiera acceptance tests
9808a64 (#14514) Use default config when hiera.yaml is missing
fd644b6 Add require hiera/backend to test
fe3d509 Remove empty Puppet class definition
fa3081c Updating hiera.spec, CHANGELOG for Hiera 1.0.0rc1
6de3d4c Moving CHANGES.txt to CHANGELOG. Updating CHANGELOG with git log from initial commit to v0.3.0 tag.
dbf9fe3 Update README to reference deb and rpm packages
f697b7f Updated hiera.spec to include puppet functions and put in the right place.
540d2d6 (#14460) Add Puppet parser functions
29c5ad7 Add hiera.spec for building hiera on redhat
24ef7b9 (#13600) Monkey patch mktmpdir on ruby 1.8.5
b7b3280 (maint) Make noop logger work on Ruby 1.9.x
602c526 (maint) Fix failing spec test on Ruby 1.9.3
82881e3 (#14150) Use tar_gz instead of tar
7ef2821 (#14148) Add docs to Hiera packaging
67f91d6 (#14147) Handle lack of rubygems gracefully
f6c9f5d (#14124) Load rake tasks directly to fix tests for Ruby 1.9.x
122b891 (#13641) Fix Hiera::Backend#parse_string to support :undefined in extra_data
e6dea8e Commit caching on YAML Backend
ddd5b66 Fix VERSION contant in lib/hiera.rb
50f9771 hiera working on ruby 1.9.2/1.9.3, issue #10975 (
794265f (maint) Code base cleanup, use 2 space indention.
d3b9c41 Fixes a quoting string issue
2b6c3e7 Change Rakefile to autoversion
1e7affb Rspec 2.7 has introduced some non backwards compatible changes that is exposed by using require with full paths.
d136fc2 Switch branding to Puppet Labs
731f2ef Fix warnings for rake
0a53e96 fix failing test after sort was removed
15fb3bd Do not sort arrays after building them as array data with complex data in them like hashes will fail to sort and raise exceptions
f296a18 Test cases for #21
dcf51ce Fixes: Hiera errors on empty yaml files
d2d59d7 Revising backend bool spec test that nil /= false
3cd4cec Fixes #15 Hiera return nil for false value
17a2a98 Adding inventory_service option to scope.
6ecab35 (#13) Hierarchy includes sub-hierarchy
79b0d4b Corrected invalid YAML markup.
c05823a Add specs to verify datatypes are being retained
dedeb8c Make hiera handle boolean/numeric values correctly instead of just returning nil
b78b3e4 Add type mismatch error output and test cases
95e60ce Added additional spec tests for hash.
f078414 Revising spec test for hash merge.
9d72afa Hash was merged wrong direction.
b4a90ba Adding hashes to CHANGES.txt
90a23be Adding hash spec unit tests
d1171d7 Adding hash support to hiera and yaml backend
aa6af39 Fix logic around handling of defaults in array searches. It used to always return [nil] for unknown data in array searches now it returns the supplied default.
51a0a57 Fix versioning and autoload the Puppet logger
fb88a3b Removed :json type from load_scope when parsing YAML format
3839126 Fix typo
8b7e036 More 0.2.0 update information
93711a9 Fix spacing
e804daf Update readme with information for 0.2.0
4c990e1 Release 0.2.0
1977a1e Improve tests based on recent changes
3683a62 Simplify plugins that reads serialized data from files by moving more to the Backend module
9d92041 Update changes file
61e3574 Add Puppet logger plugin
98a9525 Add array merge searches to the framework and the yaml backend Add array search to the command line Parse %{var}s in Strings, Arrays and Hashes correctly
19cbf04 Update doco
0f0837c Add querying facts via mcollective for scope of the CLI
aeaef32 Remove some stray whitespace Turn a warn message into a debug message to avoid spamming logs
27d6fd9 Fix /bin/env to /usr/bin/env (#1) Improve gem file
dde5997 Release 0.1.0
f69ebb2 Fix verbose checking in the cli Do not return empty sources Improve tests
6d8130f Small language fix
23ef93d Show variable expansion in string results
362710c Add sample data to the readme
dcc2ad2 Add a CLI query tool
e3eb8de More todo items
ced8d33 Add licence and readme
e5d0106 avoid some debug noise
dc41bcd Add comments and tests
19e27c2 Small changes to the yaml backend, add a pluggable logging system and a console logger
28cdd56 - simplify language by changing precedence with hierarchy - add gem bits - fall through to multiple backends till one provides an answer - make the backend writing process a bit easier
19e03a7 Working YAML backend
ca3efeb Add Readme
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