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# Requirements to build:
# ant
# cpio
# wget
VERSION=$(shell ruby -r./lib/logstash/version -e 'puts LOGSTASH_VERSION')
WITH_JRUBY=bash $(JRUBY_CMD) --1.9 -S
JRUBYC=java -Djruby.compat.version=RUBY1_9 -jar $(PWD)/$(JRUBY) -S jrubyc
PLUGIN_FILES=$(shell git ls-files | egrep '^lib/logstash/(inputs|outputs|filters)/' | egrep -v '/base.rb$$')
# OS-specific options
TARCHECK=$(shell tar --help|grep wildcard|wc -l)
ifeq (0, $(TARCHECK))
default: jar
# Compile config grammar (ragel -> ruby)
.PHONY: compile-grammar
compile-grammar: lib/logstash/config/grammar.rb
lib/logstash/config/grammar.rb: lib/logstash/config/grammar.rl
$(QUIET)$(MAKE) -C lib/logstash/config grammar.rb
.PHONY: clean
@echo "=> Cleaning up"
-$(QUIET)rm -rf .bundle
-$(QUIET)rm -rf build
-$(QUIET)rm -rf vendor
.PHONY: compile
compile: compile-grammar compile-runner | build/ruby
.PHONY: compile-runner
compile-runner: build/ruby/logstash/runner.class
build/ruby/logstash/runner.class: lib/logstash/runner.rb | build/ruby $(JRUBY)
$(QUIET)(cd lib; JRUBY_OPTS=--1.9 $(JRUBYC) -t ../build/ruby logstash/runner.rb)
# TODO(sissel): Stop using cpio for this
.PHONY: copy-ruby-files
copy-ruby-files: | build/ruby
@# Copy lib/ and test/ files to the root.
$(QUIET)find ./lib -name '*.rb' | sed -e 's,^\./lib/,,' \
| (cd lib; cpio -p --make-directories ../build/ruby)
$(QUIET)find ./test -name '*.rb' | sed -e 's,^\./test/,,' \
| (cd test; cpio -p --make-directories ../build/ruby)
$(QUIET)mkdir $@
vendor/jar: | vendor
$(QUIET)mkdir $@
build-jruby: $(JRUBY)
$(JRUBY): build/jruby/jruby-$(JRUBY_VERSION)/lib/jruby-complete.jar | vendor/jar
$(QUIET)cp $< $@
build/jruby: build
$(QUIET)mkdir -p $@
$(JRUBY_CMD): build/jruby/jruby-$(JRUBY_VERSION)/lib/jruby-complete.jar
build/jruby/jruby-$(JRUBY_VERSION)/lib/jruby-complete.jar: build/jruby/jruby-$(JRUBY_VERSION)
# Build jruby from source targeted at 1.9 - patch that, yo.
$(QUIET)sed -i -e 's/jruby.default.ruby.version=.*/jruby.default.ruby.version=1.9/' $</
$(QUIET)(cd $<; ant jar-jruby-complete)
build/jruby/jruby-$(JRUBY_VERSION): build/jruby/jruby-src-$(JRUBY_VERSION).tar.gz
$(QUIET)tar -C build/jruby/ $(TAR_OPTS) -zxf $<
build/jruby/jruby-src-$(JRUBY_VERSION).tar.gz: | build/jruby
@echo "=> Fetching jruby source"
$(QUIET)wget -O $@$(JRUBY_VERSION)/jruby-src-$(JRUBY_VERSION).tar.gz
vendor/jar/elasticsearch-$(ELASTICSEARCH_VERSION).tar.gz: | vendor/jar
@# --no-check-certificate is for github and wget not supporting wildcard
@# certs sanely.
@echo "=> Fetching elasticsearch"
$(QUIET)wget --no-check-certificate \
vendor/jar/graphtastic-rmiclient.jar: | vendor/jar
@echo "=> Fetching graphtastic rmi client jar"
$(QUIET)wget --no-check-certificate \
-O $@
.PHONY: vendor-elasticsearch
vendor-elasticsearch: $(ELASTICSEARCH)
$(ELASTICSEARCH): $(ELASTICSEARCH).tar.gz | vendor/jar
@echo "=> Pulling the jars out of $<"
$(QUIET)tar -C $(shell dirname $@) -xf $< $(TAR_OPTS) --exclude '*sigar*' \
vendor/jar/joda-time-$(JODA_VERSION)-dist.tar.gz: | vendor/jar
wget -O $@ "$(JODA_VERSION)/joda-time-$(JODA_VERSION)-dist.tar.gz"
vendor/jar/joda-time-$(JODA_VERSION)/joda-time-$(JODA_VERSION).jar: vendor/jar/joda-time-$(JODA_VERSION)-dist.tar.gz | vendor/jar
tar -C vendor/jar -zxf $< joda-time-$(JODA_VERSION)/joda-time-$(JODA_VERSION).jar
# Always run vendor/bundle
.PHONY: fix-bundler
-$(QUIET)rm -rf .bundle
.PHONY: vendor-gems
vendor-gems: | vendor/bundle
$(GEM_HOME)/bin/bundle: | $(JRUBY_CMD)
@echo "=> Installing bundler ($@)"
$(QUIET)GEM_HOME=$(GEM_HOME) $(WITH_JRUBY) gem install bundler
.PHONY: vendor/bundle
vendor/bundle: | $(GEM_HOME)/bin/bundle fix-bundler
@echo "=> Installing gems to $@..."
$(QUIET)GEM_HOME=$(GEM_HOME) bash $(JRUBY_CMD) --1.9 $(GEM_HOME)/bin/bundle install --deployment
gem: logstash-$(VERSION).gem
logstash-$(VERSION).gem: compile
$(QUIET)$(WITH_JRUBY) gem build logstash.gemspec
-$(QUIET)mkdir -p $@
build/ruby: | build
-$(QUIET)mkdir -p $@
# TODO(sissel): Update this to be like.. functional.
# TODO(sissel): Skip sigar?
# Run this one always? Hmm..
.PHONY: build/monolith
build/monolith: $(ELASTICSEARCH) $(JRUBY) $(JODA) vendor-gems | build
build/monolith: compile copy-ruby-files vendor/jar/graphtastic-rmiclient.jar
-$(QUIET)mkdir -p $@
@# Unpack all the 3rdparty jars and any jars in gems
$(QUIET)find $$PWD/vendor/bundle $$PWD/vendor/jar -name '*.jar' \
| (cd $@; xargs -tn1 jar xf)
@# copy openssl/lib/shared folders/files to root of jar - need this for openssl to work with JRuby
$(QUIET)mkdir -p $@/openssl
$(QUIET)mkdir -p $@/jopenssl
$(QUIET)cp -r $$PWD/vendor/bundle/jruby/1.9/gems/jruby-openss*/lib/shared/openssl/* $@/openssl
$(QUIET)cp -r $$PWD/vendor/bundle/jruby/1.9/gems/jruby-openss*/lib/shared/jopenssl/* $@/jopenssl
$(QUIET)cp -r $$PWD/vendor/bundle/jruby/1.9/gems/jruby-openss*/lib/shared/openssl.rb $@/openssl.rb
@# Make sure joda-time gets unpacked last, so it overwrites the joda jruby
@# ships with.
$(QUIET)find $$PWD/vendor/jar/joda-time-$(JODA_VERSION) -name '*.jar' \
| (cd $@; xargs -tn1 jar xf)
@# Purge any extra files we don't need in META-INF (like manifests and
@# signature files)
-$(QUIET)rm -f $@/META-INF/*.LIST
-$(QUIET)rm -f $@/META-INF/*.MF
-$(QUIET)rm -f $@/META-INF/*.RSA
-$(QUIET)rm -f $@/META-INF/*.SF
# Learned how to do pack gems up into the jar mostly from here:
VENDOR_DIR=$(shell ls -d vendor/bundle/*ruby/*)
jar: build/logstash-$(VERSION)-monolithic.jar
build/logstash-$(VERSION)-monolithic.jar: | build/monolith
build/logstash-$(VERSION)-monolithic.jar: JAR_ARGS=-C build/ruby .
build/logstash-$(VERSION)-monolithic.jar: JAR_ARGS+=-C build/monolith .
build/logstash-$(VERSION)-monolithic.jar: JAR_ARGS+=-C $(VENDOR_DIR) gems
build/logstash-$(VERSION)-monolithic.jar: JAR_ARGS+=-C $(VENDOR_DIR) specifications
build/logstash-$(VERSION)-monolithic.jar: JAR_ARGS+=-C lib logstash/web/public
build/logstash-$(VERSION)-monolithic.jar: JAR_ARGS+=-C lib logstash/web/views
build/logstash-$(VERSION)-monolithic.jar: JAR_ARGS+=patterns
$(QUIET)jar cfe $@ logstash.runner $(JAR_ARGS)
$(QUIET)jar i $@
update-jar: copy-ruby-files
$(QUIET)jar uf build/logstash-$(VERSION)-monolithic.jar -C build/ruby .
.PHONY: test
test: | $(JRUBY_CMD) vendor-elasticsearch
$(QUIET)bash $(JRUBY_CMD) bin/logstash test
.PHONY: docs
docs: docgen doccopy docindex
doccopy: $(addprefix build/,$(shell git ls-files | grep '^docs/')) | build/docs
docindex: build/docs/index.html
docgen: $(addprefix build/docs/,$(subst lib/logstash/,,$(subst .rb,.html,$(PLUGIN_FILES))))
build/docs: build
-$(QUIET)mkdir $@
build/docs/inputs build/docs/filters build/docs/outputs: | build/docs
-$(QUIET)mkdir $@
# bluecloth gem doesn't work on jruby. Use ruby.
build/docs/inputs/%.html: lib/logstash/inputs/%.rb docs/docgen.rb docs/plugin-doc.html.erb | build/docs/inputs
$(QUIET)ruby docs/docgen.rb -o build/docs $<
$(QUIET)sed -i -re 's/%VERSION%/$(VERSION)/g' $@
build/docs/filters/%.html: lib/logstash/filters/%.rb docs/docgen.rb docs/plugin-doc.html.erb | build/docs/filters
$(QUIET)ruby docs/docgen.rb -o build/docs $<
$(QUIET)sed -i -re 's/%VERSION%/$(VERSION)/g' $@
build/docs/outputs/%.html: lib/logstash/outputs/%.rb docs/docgen.rb docs/plugin-doc.html.erb | build/docs/outputs
$(QUIET)ruby docs/docgen.rb -o build/docs $<
$(QUIET)sed -i -re 's/%VERSION%/$(VERSION)/g' $@
build/docs/%: docs/% lib/logstash/version.rb Makefile
@echo "Copying $< (to $@)"
-$(QUIET)mkdir -p $(shell dirname $@)
$(QUIET)cp $< $@
$(QUIET)sed -i -re 's/%VERSION%/$(VERSION)/g' $@
build/docs/index.html: $(addprefix build/docs/,$(subst lib/logstash/,,$(subst .rb,.html,$(PLUGIN_FILES))))
build/docs/index.html: docs/generate_index.rb lib/logstash/version.rb docs/index.html.erb Makefile
@echo "Building documentation index.html"
$(QUIET)ruby $< build/docs > $@
$(QUIET)sed -i -re 's/%VERSION%/$(VERSION)/g' $@
publish: | gem
$(QUIET)$(WITH_JRUBY) gem push logstash-$(VERSION).gem
rpm: build/logstash-$(VERSION)-monolithic.jar
rm -rf build/root
mkdir -p build/root/opt/logstash
cp -rp patterns build/root/opt/logstash/patterns
cp build/logstash-$(VERSION)-monolithic.jar build/root/opt/logstash
(cd build; fpm -t rpm -d jre -a noarch -n logstash -v $(VERSION) -s dir -C root opt)
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