OpenTSDB on Red Hat Linux / CentOS
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OpenTSDB server rpm for Red Hat Linux, CentOS, etc.

The ready-to-use rpm is in RPMS/noarch.

Related Chef cookbook: Nothing in the rpm assumes Chef; it should be easy to port the cookbook to other systems.

Tested on CentOS 5.

Ships local gnuplot executable because the CentOS version is too old. Assumes the java command is in $PATH.

Manual installation:

rpm -i tsdb-server-1.0-1.noarch.rpm
vi /etc/sysconfig/tsdb-server # Set Zookeeper address
/etc/init.d/tsdb-server start
chkconfig tsdb-server on

Verification test:

# Write a data point.
echo put test $(date +%s) 123 | nc localhost 4242

# Read it back.
curl -v 'http://localhost:4242/q?start=15m-ago&m=sum:test\{\}'