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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Markov-chain text maker
# This script takes a .txt file and makes a mashup of it
# using a Markov chain: linking word phrases together
# from different spots in the text.
# For instance, if the text contained two lines,
# "she has a dog" and "my dog has a tail,"
# this might generate "my dog has a dog" and "she has a tail."
# Housekeeping
import markovgen, re, string
# Choose original file, new filename
original = open('twain.txt')
outfile = open('twain_markov.txt','w')
# Repeatable Markov'd text generator
newtext = []
mk = markovgen.Markov(original)
counter = 0
while counter < 10: # Change 10 to however many lines you want to generate
line = '\n' + mk.generate_markov_text()
#remove punctuation
exclude = ['"','(',')',';']
line = ''.join(ch for ch in line if ch not in exclude)
#make line lowercase, add period at end
line = line.lower() + "."
print line
counter = counter + 1
for aline in newtext:
outfile.write(aline) #makes text file line by line
# next steps if you want to tweet these lines:
# move the newly-made file into the mybot folder
# open
# insert new filename
# Script modified from
# Original MarkovGen library from - modified by RobinCamille to spit out smaller chunks
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