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2020 Book of Horoscopes
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This project was created for NaNoGenMo 2019 (National Novel Generation Month). Using a list of existing horoscopes and fortunes from other sources, a list of interjections, and a Markov generator, it creates a year of daily horoscopes for each Zodiac sign.

General format, inspired by Cosmopolitan magazine's horoscopes: date, sign, exclamation ("Yikes, Leo!"), then a mangled horoscope.

Absolutely zero astrological knowledge went into the creation of this script. It's meant to be whimsical but not mean-spirited.

Completed Dec. 3, 2019

To use

On the command line (Terminal on a Mac), type:


It will ask you to type which sign you want output for (e.g., "Leo") or "All."

The script outputs, a Markdown-formatted file. If you chose one sign, the file is about 16,000 words long. If you chose all signs, it will be about 200,000 words long.

Sample output

Monday, November 30, 2020


Curses, Aries! For problems at the end of the people is the breakfast of champions. The early bird gets the work, but the daylight sick. When one burns one's bridges, what a very nice fire it makes. Big book, big bore. Alimony and bribes will engage a large share of your loved ones will be advanced socially, without any special effort your.


Right, Taurus! Today. Pick battles big enough to make me ambitious. A true friend is a true sense of humor is not being emotional, but being able to decide. Wherever you go, whenever you can, and pride is taking less than your dreams. Bloom where you go. I learn by going where i have counted 136 different kinds of composition decompositions.


Gee whiz, Gemini! A month of opportunities, you.

See more of the sample text for all signs

See full 200k-word sample text for all signs ("raw" Markdown view only)

See sample text for one sign


I had one output of this project printed and bound into a 501-page book, without any editing besides formatting.

Thick book titled Book of Horoscopes 2020 on a wooden table

Interior page of book, beginning with: April 29, 2020. Aries: Grr, Aries! Bakery products! You are being aroused, sexually or creatively. You are watching for cycles.


The Markov generator I'm using...

The interjections came from Darius Kazemi's corpora repository.

A huge thank you to the sources for all-fortunes.txt...

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