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Compiling for Windows with Microsoft Tools

This branch compiles on Windows using the free (as in beer) Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition. This seems the easiest compiler to use for building 64bit (it is hard to build mex64 files with mingw-64 on windows).

You will need:

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition
  2. Microsoft Windows SDK
  3. Python 2.6 for Windows

The SDK is only required for 64 bit (it extends VS Express Edition with 64 bit tools). I used Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 (I think Framework 3.5 matches VS 2008 version). With these installed you should be able to run mex -setup.

With mex setup correctly there is a makeall.m file which runs a one line mex command to build the package. You may need to adjust the paths there to point to your Python installation.


If MATLAB's mexext command tells you mexw64, then you may be able to skip the compilation and just drop pymex.mexw64 into your pymex directory. You do still need the pymex distribution and to have Python 2.6 installed. There is currently no difference between this and the master branch other than small changes to enable compilation with Visual Studio, so it shouldn't matter which branch you have out. Note that this binary was compiled under MATLAB 2009a in Windows 7 with VS 2008 EE. It should work with newer versions of MATLAB (but not older), not sure about other windows versions. You may need the VS 2008 Redistributable Package

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