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This repository contains the code for the analysis and simulations in:

RAA Ince, BL Giordano, C Kayser, GA Rousselet, J Gross and PG Schyns
"A statistical framework for neuroimaging data analysis based on mutual information estimated via a Gaussian copula"
bioRxiv: doi:10.1101/043745

This is the full history of the active research code. It is unlikely to run unaltered on a fresh machine without changing data and toolbox paths as required. There are also several mex functions which need compilation (see make.m).

The raw data and plotted figure data will be available in the Dryad data package:

RAA Ince, BL Giordano, C Kayser, GA Rousselet, J Gross and PG Schyns
"Data from: A statistical framework based on a novel mutual information estimator utilizing a Gaussian copula"

The public version of the Gaussian-Copula Mutual Information (GCMI) estimator is available here.

The eegface folder contains the code used for the discrete stimulus event-related EEG example in Section 4.1.

The megspeech folder contains the code used for the continuous stimulus continuous MEG example in Section 4.2.

The eegeye folder contains the code for the continuous stimulus event-related EEG interaction information examples in Section 4.3.

The particular scripts used for each figure are:

Questions / comments :


Code for analysis and figures in Gaussian Copula Mutual Information methods paper.






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