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Paste image from clipboard, save the image to a file and insert the relative path on the current cursor.


use package control

for Linux

pip install PyUserInput, pyscreenshot and install python-pyqt4 as backend of pyscreenshot

Usage {

    "caption": "ImagePaste: Paste Image From Clipboard",
    "command": "image_paste"

Take a screenshot, then just ctrl+v to paste it. It will save a png file to current directory and insert the file path in the current cursor.

  1. When copy to markdown buffer, it will display the image path for markdown, eg: ![](pic_path)
  2. When copy to other buffer, it will display only the image path pic_path at the cursor. { "caption": "ImagePaste: Paste Image From Clipboard", "command": "image_paste" },
  3. Preview within Sublime Text.

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