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Simple Google Calendar

This plugin is an attempt to make it easier to add a Google calendar to a website.



  1. Download the latest tagged archive (choose the "zip" option).
  2. Unzip the archive.
  3. Copy the folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  4. Go to the Plugins screen and click Activate.

Check out the Codex for more information about installing plugins manually.


Using git, browse to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory and clone this repository:

git clone

Then go to your Plugins screen and click Activate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I show a calendar on a post or page?

Google calendar is displayed using a shortcode. In its simplest form, the shortcode is just:


This will output the US Holiday calendar for the Eastern time zone. You can modify it by adding an id parameter, mode parameter, and/or a timezone parameter. The id will look like this:


Where the first part is the ID of the calendar; the second part (^#XXXXXX) changes the color of the calendar. Multiple calendars can be strung together in the id, just use commas to separate them. ^ must be used to separate the calendar ID from the color code.

If you leave the mode blank, the desktop/month version of the calendar will be output. If you use mode="agenda", then you will have a mobile or list version output. If you use mode="both", then two calendars will be output.

The timezone has to match the input expected by Google. Default is Eastern time, since that's where I live. Central, for example, would look like America%2FChicago. Need help figuring out the time zone? Use the Google Embeddable Calendar Helper.

What colors can I use in the calendar shortcode?

In my experience, Google is a little funny about what hex colors it will allow. This list may be "safe" colors.

  • Pink = #B1365F
  • Fuchsia = #5C1158
  • Red = #711616
  • Crimson = #691426
  • Orange = #BE6D00
  • Orange Red = #B1440E
  • Red Orange = #853104
  • Burnt Orange = #8C500B
  • Brown Orange = #754916
  • Gold = #88880E
  • Goldenrod = #AB8B00
  • Darker Goldenrod = #856508
  • Pale Green = #28754E
  • Lighter Green = #1B887A
  • Green = #28754E
  • Forest Green = #0D7813
  • Olive Green = #528800
  • Jungle Green = #125A12
  • Another Olive = #2F6309
  • Another Green = #2F6213
  • Sea Green = #0F4B38
  • Golden Olive = #5F6B02
  • Green Gray = #4A716C
  • Olive Gray = #6E6E41
  • Dull Navy = #29527A
  • Standard Blue = #2952A3
  • Blue Gray = #4E5D6C
  • Blue Steel = #5A6986
  • Another blue = #182C57
  • Dark Blue = #060D5E
  • Sea Blue = #113F47
  • Violet = #7A367A
  • Purple = #5229A3
  • Purple Gray = #865A5A
  • Purple Brown = #705770
  • Deep Purple = #23164E
  • Magenta = #5B123B
  • Another Purple = #42104A
  • Yellow Brown = #875509
  • Brown = #8D6F47
  • Nice Brown = #6B3304
  • Black = #333333


A simple plugin to add Google calendar feed(s) to a website. Uses the Google embed code.







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