GAPfiller GSM900 USRP-compatible daughterboard for use with OpenBTS & osmo-bts
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GAPfiller GSM900 Version 3

Copyright 2014, Close-Haul Communications, Inc.

Revision History

7 January 2014: First commit of OrCAD schematics, PADS PCB layout, Gerber files


The GAPfiller GSM900 version 3.0 board is a RF front end daughtercard intended for a single TRX GSM basestation in the 900 MHz band. The GAPfiller GSM900 is compatible with the Ettus Research USRP software-defined radio systems.

Modifications to the USRP FPGA and UHD are necessary to run OpenBTS or osmo-bts on the GAPfiller board. As this work is completed, these modifications will be added to this repository on Github.

This design is open source hardware released under the CERN Open Hardware Licence v1.2.