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Version 3.2.5
* Remove use of START in match engine breaking neo4j 3.2
Version 3.2.4 2017-06-17
* Upgrade neo4j-driver to 1.2.1 #251
Version 3.2.3 2017-04-17
* Return StructuredRel instance as opposed to None when no model supplied #248
* Fix get_or_create docs and incorrect call to rel_helper #249
Version 3.2.2 2017-03-17
* Add get_or_none to RelationshipManager #246
* Make sure relationship types are escaped in queries #188
* Fix bug causing unsaved node not to appear in deflate error msg
* Allow typed arrays in ArrayProperty #237
* Add save hooks to StructuredRel #242
* Add tests for UniqueIdProperty when used in batch or merge.
* Update documentation for batch operations
* Add all_relationships() method to RelationshipManager #239
Version 3.2.1 2017-02-19
* Dont install test directory #238
Version 3.2.0 2017-02-07
* Upgrade neo4j_driver to 1.1.0
* Fix install_labels on an abstract node
* Clean up hooks code, django_neomodel.DjangoNode required for signals
* Add order_by method to relationships
* Add config.ENCRYPTED_CONNECTION - adrianicv
* Add config.MAX_POOL_SIZE
* Add neomodel_install_labels command
* Turn off AUTO_INSTALL_LABEL by default
Version 3.1.0 2017-01-26
* Improve docs
* Add change_neo4j_password
* Add clear_neo4j_database
* Add UniqueIdProperty for easy ids
* remove NEOMODEL_FORCE_TIMEZONE environment var now a config option
* Move django signal support to neomodel
* Add stdout input to install_labels etc
Version 3.0.3 2017-01-04
* Fix indexing bug caught by travis
Version 3.0.2 2017-01-04
* More doc strings and added autodoc to sphinx
* Install all constraints via core.install_all_labels()
* Fix multiple relationships not being created when using a rel model
* Fix connection logic for using in ipython
* Fix unicode string passed as class in relationship
Version 3.0.1 2016-12-17
* Fix empty filters causing empty WHERE clause - Siddharth Maheshwari
Version 3.0.0 2016-11-27
* neo4j_driver now used as backend
* Support for neo4j versions prior to 3 dropped
* REST via py2neo support dropped
* New db.set_connection() method to override connection url
* New config module for DATABASE_URL and other settings
* streaming kwarg now deprecated
* py2neo.cypher.error.statement.InvalidSyntax replaced by
neo4j.v1.exceptions.CypherError for cypher errors (syntax etc)
* CypherException and TransactionException have now been removed
* ConstraintValidationFailed exception introduced as super class of
UniqueProperty to allow additional classes in the future
* Remove category() method from StructuredNode's following its deprecation
* Batch operations now must be wrapped in a transaction in order to be atomic (see batch in docs)
* Renamed _id property to id, old property now deprecated
* Fix numeric propertys defaulting to 0 failing required check
* support order_by('?') to mimic django random order by
* Stopped connections being shared across processes which caused incorrect
results to be returned (in py2neo version) or an SSLError (bolt version).
neomodel is now process and thread safe.
* Add config option DJANGO_SIGNALS
* Add config option AUTO_INSTALL_LABELS
* Remove deprecated .index class property on StructuredNode
* Add docs and better tests on inheritance
* Add __repr__ and __str__ methods to StructuredNode
* Add get_or_none method to NodeSet
* Fixed filters persisting across node relationship queries (#208)
* Un-deprecate is_connected, its intuitive
* Fixed NodeSet index returning a list now returns just the node, e.g
jim.friends[0] returns a node as opposed to a list containing one node.
* Added missing filter and exclude methods to rel manager enabling: jim.friends.filter(name='bob')
* Add NormalProperty, RegexProperty, EmailProperty (Rafael Pivato++)
Version 2.0.2 2015-09-04
* support for creating or updating a node
* support for getting or creating a node
* support for wildcard and non explicit traversals
* support for additional filters
* improved performance for bulk operations
* resolved NodeSet.get() and RelationshipManager.get() error messaging
* resolved "order_by" bug
Version 2.0.1 2015-08-01
* add support for py2neo 2.x
* transitioned START queries to MATCH
* added authentication documentation for neo4j 2.2.x
* removed tight coupling with pytz
* resolved DeadlockDetectedException due to duplicate constraint and index
* resolved conform errors NodeSet.get() and RelationshipManager.get()
* resolved username and password interpretation
* resolved on_count()'s order_by bug
* resolved CypherException TyperError exception bug
Version 1.0.3 unreleased
* add support for choices on string properites.
Version 1.0.2 2014-10-21
* updated documentation
* sphinx and rtd
* exception handling in cypher fix (tjakobsen)
Version 1.0.1 2014-08-21
* support for transactions
* new nodes class property (match API)
* support for neo4j 2
* no support for neo4j < 2
* deprecated category nodes
* deprecated index property
Version 0.4.0 unreleased
* server compatability check (Robin Edwards)
* 1.9 server fixes (Robin Edwards)
* upgrade to py2neo 1.6.1 (Panos Katseas)
* make __index__ inherited (Sebastian Ortiz)
* documentation improvements (Priit Laes)
* import RelationshipDefinition and RelationshipManager into main
Version 0.3.6 2013-08-14
* Display nice message for operations on deleted node (Robin Edwards)
* Re-enable lucene-querybuilder (Robin Edwards)
* Fix X-Stream header (Nigel Small)
* Enable custom indexes for StructuredNodes
* Support for relationship models or 'StructuredRels'
* Support filtering in the 'traverse' method (Robin Edwards)
* Store datetime objects as float for more accuracy (Robin Edwards)
* Setup NEOMODEL_FORCE_TIMEZONE env var to prevent storing of datetimes
without a timezone (Robin Edwards)
* Add NEOMODEL_CYPHER_DEBUG env var to log querys (Robin Edwards)
* Relative relationship classes in definitions (Panos Katseas)
Version 0.3.5 2013-07-05
* Add documentation on batch size (Robin Edwards)
* Fix default_value type generation for basic properties #53
* Add documentation on providing arguments to default functions (Robin Edwards)
Version 0.3.4 2013-07-02
* Fix return > 1 for Localised (Marianna Polatoglou)
Version 0.3.3 2013-07-01
* Nice exception on missing search params (Robin Edwards)
Version 0.3.2 2013-07-01
* Property fixes (Laurie Clark-Michalek)
Version 0.3.1 2013-06-27
* Fix exception message (Sam Millar)
* Use builtin items (Panos Katseas)
Version 0.3.0 2013-06-20
* Fix either direction connect (Robin Edwards)
* Make reconnect atomic cypher operation (Panos Katseas)
* Add reconnect test case (Panos Katseas)
Version 0.2.9 2013-06-18
* python 3.3+ support
* remove dependency on lucenequerybuilder (Robin Edwards)
* py2neo 1.5 compat and deprecations (Robin Edwards)
* JSONProperty (Panos Katseas)
* allow classes in relationship definitions (Robin Edwards)
* add SemiStructuredNode to contrib (Robin Edwards)
* refactor rel manager to use traversals (Robin Edwards)
* allow connect on rel managers of direction either (Robin Edwards)
* added experimental support for traversals (Robin Edwards)
* allow datetime without timezone to be stored (Robin Edwards)
* use cypher for delete (Robin Edwards)
* project logo (Laura Willis)
* _index_name special attribute removed (Robin Edwards)
* connect to sub class is no longer permitted (Robin Edwards)
* removed ReadOnlyNode class (Robin Edwards)
Version 0.2.8 2013-03-07
* connect() with properties (Marianna Polatoglou)
* refresh() method (Panos Katseas)
* refactor RelationshipManager (Robin Edwards)
* NotConnected exception (Robin Edwards)
* Fix OneOrMore bug (Robin Edwards)