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Robinhood Coin

Robinhood Coin Homepage

Robinhood Coin has an eco system of 4 players:

Government, Peasants, Rich People, King, Elites

  • A rich person is someone who has at least 1 percent of total Supply
  • You can Mine from the Government (Get Paid)
  • You can Mine from the Rich People (Take from the Rich)
  • You can transfer tokens
  • You can buy tokens from the government
  • You can put ether into taking from the rich to take more from them
  • Every Transfer call taxes your wallet and sends that tax to the government
  • A king is someone who has more than 50% of total supply of tokens
  • A king may change the tax percent and is not taxed for transfers
  • An address is marked as elite if it ever has more than 90% of all tokens at once