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![HAR Mar Interceptor](

HAR Mar Interceptor allows capturing HTTP request/response exchanges, persisting them in a HAR or ALF-compatible format, and re-executing those requests at a later time.

HAR Mar Interceptor may be used separately from or integrated with Spring Social Bootstrap SDK

JDBC & API Log Format (ALF)

HAR Mar Interceptor ships with an implementation for storing HTTP request/response exchanges in Mashape's HAR-based API Log Format (ALF) to a JDBC database:

  • AsyncJdbcAlfHarRepository asynchronously persists HarEntry Domain objects to a JDBC store using Spring JDBC, and can also query the HAR Log Entries, including over a specified time period.

  • AlfHarEntryToJdbcHarEntryConverter uses Spring Type Converstion to convert an AlfHarEntry to a JdbcHarEntry

  • ListOfJdbcHarEntriesToAlfHarConverter converts a List of JdbcHarEntry Domain objects to an AlfHar

  • JdbcAlfHarServiceImpl is a service implementation that uses AsyncJdbcAlfHarRepository, AlfHarEntryToJdbcHarEntryConverter, and ListOfJdbcHarEntriesToAlfHarConverter to save and query HTTP request/response exchanges.

  • JdbcAlfHarInterceptor executes HTTP requests and intercepts responses to create ALF Log Entries and save them to a JDBC store with JdbcAlfHarServiceImpl

  • JdbcAlfHarTemplate is an implementation of HarOperations that permits easy integration with Spring Social Bootstrap SDK-based API clients

  • ReplayAlfHarTemplate can execute the entries in an AlfHar log at various Intervals:

    • Real-Time
    • Fixed
    • No Interval