Pick 4 "Sankey" Data Visualization with End-to-End Highlighting
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Pick 4 Sankey Diagram with End-to-End Highlighting


Live demo: http://www.robinhowlett.com/visualizing-horizontal-wagers-d3-sankey/

Blog post: http://www.robinhowlett.com/blog/2018/08/12/visualizing-inefficient-multi-ticket-horizontal-wagering-tickets/

This diagram is a proof-of-concept to demonstrate how inefficient horizontal exotic horse racing wagers may be identified visually. The thickness of ribbons (links) represents the number of combinations that include the particular selection.

  • Move the mouse over nodes or links. The specific portion will be highlighted from end to end.
  • Double click on the diagram to toggle rich tooltips.
  • Drag the rectangular nodes to move them.

This visualization was developed by Robin Howlett, forked from Ming Qin's d3-sankey-with-highlighting repository, which in turn is based on the D3 Sankey plugin written by Mike Bostock (mike@ocks.org).

A live demo of Ming Qin's original implementation, using the survival statistics of the Titanic disaster, is available at QinMing.github.io/sankey.

Licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE in the project root for terms