A Demo project for micro-service intercommunication
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Screenshot of the Web Frontend

Micro-service Intercommunication Demo

Docker Docker

This is a small demo project to quickly setup a mix of containerized micro-services that communicate with each other within the network. This demo is intended to provide a playground for orchestrators!

The project consists of

  • An API Backend, that exposes port 8080
  • A Web Frontend, that exposes port 80
    • Connects to the API Backend for getting random numbers using the RandomApiHost environment variable

Make it run


The easiest way to run and debug the microservices on you development machine is Visual Studio Code. Just open the folder and select the Launch Microservices Debug configuration.

Screenshot of Visual Studio Code


This Demo project is intended to be tested within container orchestrators. For the various different orchestrators out there, you can find configuration files for multiple different ones in the repository.

Windows Containers: If you want to run on Windows, feel free to use the Windows versions of these containers instead by using the *.windows.* files, where available.

Docker Compose

docker-compose -f env/docker-compose/docker-compose.yml up


kubectl create -f env/kubernetes/kubernetes.yml

Service Fabric Mesh

az mesh deployment create --resource-group Demo --template-file env/servicefabric-mesh/servicefabric-mesh.json