Tinder-like swipe control for Xamarin.Forms
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A Tinder control for Xamarin.Forms that supports iOS, Android and UWP.


How to use

Add the NuGet package to the Xamarin.Forms project and all platform projects

PM> Install-Package Forms.Controls.SwipeCards

Add the XML namespace


Add the control

    ItemsSource="{Binding Cards}">
            <Label Text="{Binding}" VerticalOptions="Center" HorizontalOptions="Center" />


Take a look a the Demo Project in this repository for a full sample.


API Reference

Method Description
Reset() Resets the whole card stack
Property Default Description
CardMoveDistance null How far the card has to be dragged to trigger the swipe. Default is 30% of the control
Command Parameter Description
SwipedLeftCommand Selected Item Triggered, when card got swiped to the left
SwipedRightCommand Selected Item Triggered, when card got swiped to the right
Event Arguments Description
Swiped Swiped Item, Swipe direction Triggered, when card got swiped to the left or right
StartedDragging Dragged Item Triggered, when card got dragged
FinishedDragging Dragged Item Triggered, when dragging finished