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A Xamarin beginner's workshop
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01 Welcome
02 Setting up
03 Creating a Xamarin Platform App
04 Conference App with Xamarin.Forms
05 Azure App Service Backend Enhance some screenshots Dec 9, 2016
06 Connecting to the Cloud
07 Platform Specifics
08 Optimizations and Tweaks
Speaker Notes
Troubleshooting Update Dec 11, 2016


Xamarin Workshop 📱

Welcome, it is good to see you here being interested in learning how to write native mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows in C#. Take some time to read the prerequisites, prepare your machine and start with the first lesson, when you are ready.


Please read the Minimum System Requirements for Xamarin to check if your system is ready. If you need help in preparing your development environment, check out the Setting up module.

Hint: Installation and Setup of your Xamarin development environment can be a little bit tricky as so many different components have to intertwine. This list just describes what you need. You don't have to install it now, as there is an own Setting up module.



  • Any Android emulator
  • A Mac machine anywhere in your network as iOS Build Host


Creating workshops all on my own is now fun especially as I am far from being a perfect developer or tutor. So this workshop is all about teamwork! All information that I try to provide here are state of the art as I write this workshop but technology change over time. Although I try to keep this workshop up-to-date, there always might be something outdated. In addition, this workshop is based on my personal knowledge, which means that it is definitely not perfect.

If you know something better, have a good idea, want to correct something or know a better teaching style please feel free to create a pull request. This workshop is getting better with every single contribution!

Thank you   ❤️

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