A wmii-like dynamic/tiling window manager for Windows
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CiccWM aims to be a vmii-like dynamic/iling window manager for Windows, naviagable using the keyboard with ease.


  • Python 2.7
  • pywin32
  • pyHook


Execute python27.exe ciccwm.py


  • Alt-Shift Q - quit (at least should)
  • Alt-Shift A - adds active window to be managed by CiccWM
  • Alt-Shift M - set current column mode to Maxing layout
  • Alt-Shift D - set current column mode to Distributing layout
  • Alt-Shift R - recalculates layout (should not be needed)
  • Alt H/J/K/L - cycle to window left/down/up/right
  • Alt-Shift H/J/K/L - shift current window to the respective direction


The current implementation is a rough demo showing that things can work. Deficiencies yet:

  • no automatic addition of windows to CiccWM management
  • managed windows can't be released
  • CiccWM is not notified if a window gets destroyed
  • window size query oddities (certain apps seem to not report their true size, or not respect the set size commands)
  • possibly others

Have fun, contributions are welcome!