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#include "neko.h"
#include "stdio.h"
#include "openssl/bio.h"
#include "openssl/err.h"
#include "string.h"
#include "val_void.h"
//BIO *BIO_new_connect(char* host_port);
value _BIO_new_connect(value host_port) {
void* ptr;
ptr = BIO_new_connect(val_string(host_port));
return alloc_abstract(k_pointer,ptr);
//void ERR_load_BIO_strings(void);
value _ERR_load_BIO_strings() {
return VAL_VOID;
//long BIO_ctrl(BIO *bp,int cmd,long larg,void *parg);
//#define BIO_do_connect(b) BIO_do_handshake(b)
//#define BIO_do_accept(b) BIO_do_handshake(b)
//#define BIO_do_handshake(b) BIO_ctrl(b,BIO_C_DO_STATE_MACHINE,0,NULL)
value _BIO_do_connect(value bp){
//val_check_kind(bp, k_pointer);
BIO* bio_bp = (BIO*)val_data(bp);
long result = BIO_do_connect(bio_bp);
if (result < 0) { }
return alloc_best_int(result);
//int BIO_read(BIO *b, void *data, int len);
value _BIO_read(value b, value len) {
//val_check_kind(b, k_pointer);
//val_check_kind(data, k_pointer);
int len_ = val_int(len);
char data [255];
long response = BIO_read((BIO*)val_data(b), data, len_+1);
return alloc_string(data);
//#define BIO_set_conn_port(b,port) BIO_ctrl(b,BIO_C_SET_CONNECT,1,(char *)port)
value _BIO_set_conn_port(value b, value port) {
//val_check_kind(b, k_pointer);
return alloc_best_int(BIO_set_conn_port((BIO*)val_data(b), val_int(port)));
//int BIO_write(BIO *b, const void *data, int len);
value _BIO_write(value b, value data, value len) {
//val_check_kind(b, k_pointer);
//val_check_kind(data, k_pointer);
long response = BIO_write((BIO*)val_data(b), val_string(data), val_int(len));
return alloc_best_int(response);
//#define BIO_set_conn_hostname(b,name) BIO_ctrl(b,BIO_C_SET_CONNECT,0,(char *)name)
value _BIO_set_conn_hostname(value b, value name) {
return alloc_best_int(BIO_set_conn_hostname((BIO*) val_data(b), val_string(name)) );
//void BIO_free_all(BIO *a);
value _BIO_free_all(value a) {
BIO_free_all((BIO*) val_data(a) );
return VAL_VOID;
#define val_sock(o) ((int_val)val_data(o))
//BIO *BIO_new_socket(int sock, int close_flag);
value _BIO_new_socket(value sock, value close_flag){
int sock_ = ((int_val)val_data(sock));
BIO* bio = BIO_new_socket(sock_, val_int(close_flag));
return alloc_abstract(k_BIO, bio);
//BIO * BIO_new(BIO_METHOD *type);
value _BIO_new(value type) {
return alloc_abstract(k_BIO, BIO_new((BIO_METHOD*) val_data(type)));
//#define BIO_set_fd(b,fd,c) BIO_int_ctrl(b,BIO_C_SET_FD,c,fd)
//long BIO_int_ctrl(BIO *bp,int cmd,long larg,int iarg);
value _BIO_set_fd(value b, value fd, value c){
return alloc_best_int (BIO_int_ctrl((BIO*) val_data(b), BIO_C_SET_FD, val_int(c),val_int(fd)));
//BIO_METHOD *BIO_s_socket(void);
value _BIO_s_socket(){
return alloc_abstract(k_BIO_METHOD, BIO_s_socket());
DEFINE_PRIM(_BIO_new_connect, 1);
DEFINE_PRIM(_ERR_load_BIO_strings, 0);
DEFINE_PRIM(_BIO_do_connect, 1);
DEFINE_PRIM(_BIO_read, 2);
DEFINE_PRIM(_BIO_set_conn_port, 2);
DEFINE_PRIM(_BIO_write, 3);
DEFINE_PRIM(_BIO_set_conn_hostname, 2);
DEFINE_PRIM(_BIO_free_all, 1);
DEFINE_PRIM(_BIO_new_socket, 2);
DEFINE_PRIM(_BIO_set_fd, 3);
DEFINE_PRIM (_BIO_s_socket, 0);
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