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Always ensure pull requests have the thumbs up before merging
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Robinpowered Commodus

A Sinatra powered, heroku ready application that will track open GitHub pull requests, and search comments for the 👍


Simply run bundler install and ruby app.rb to startup the Sinatra app locally.

Use git push heroku master after cloning to deploy to a heroku server.

Setup a personal access token with repo scope with export ACCESS_TOKEN=token or heroku config:set ACCESS_TOKEN=token.

Setup a GitHub webhook on your repo/organization that points to with pull_request, issue_comment, pull_request_review, and pull_request_review_comment feeds. Make sure to set your SECRET_TOKEN env variable.

By default, Commodus will look for comments in the open PR for a :+1: or a :-1: and calculate the net change per comment.

If you want to change the default number of 👍s needed for a repository set the required_plus_ones POST parameter in your webhook.


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