A Slack bot for keeping your team fit through open pull requests
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A Slack bot for keeping your team fit through open pull requests.

'swolebot in action'


We @robinpowered wanted to stay healthy, so we started doing pushups based on open PR`s we have.

How to set this up?


git clone git@github.com:robinpowered/swolebot.git

Create Heroku

heroku create

Configure Heroku environment variables:

SLACK_API_TOKEN - required
REPOS - required. Uses comma-separated format. Eg. 'rails/rails,robinpowered'. You can specify repo, or whole ORG.
SLACK_CHANNEL - required. Defaults to #general
SLACK_ICON - An URL to Swolebot avatar, if you do not like default one
SLACK_USERNAME - Meh. Default: Swolebot
RATIO - Open PR to pushups ratio. Formula: open_PRs * ratio. Default: 2
HOURS - On what hours this should run. Defaults to 11,14,17. Format: Comma-separated values
TIMEZONE - set your TZ. Any valid momentjs TZ will do. Defaults to "America/New_York"

Push to Heroku

git push heroku master

P.S. Don`t worry, this will only run on workdays!

Be fit!