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"""Classes: ConsoleInterface."""
import sys
from src.movement_type import MovementType
from src.immutable import Immutable
class ConsoleInterface(Immutable):
"""ConsoleInterface presents a console interface to the user for input and rendering."""
def __init__(self): # noqa: D107
super(ConsoleInterface, self).__init__()
def get_player_move(self):
"""Prompt the user for input and return the corresponding MovementType."""
raw_input = self._get_player_input()
if raw_input is "a":
return MovementType.LEFT
elif raw_input is "d":
return MovementType.RIGHT
elif raw_input is "w":
elif raw_input is "s":
return MovementType.ROTATE_CLOCKWISE
elif raw_input is "":
return MovementType.NONE
def _get_player_input(self):
allowed_inputs = ["a", "d", "w", "s", ""]
raw_input = None
while raw_input not in allowed_inputs:
sys.stdout.write(f"Please choose from allowed inputs: {allowed_inputs}: ")
raw_input = input()
return raw_input
def render_hello_message(self):
"""Display the welcome message for CLI Tetris."""
print("Welcome to Tetris!\n")
raw_input = None
while raw_input is not "":
raw_input = self._get_input_key("Enter")
def _get_input_key(self, key_label):
sys.stdout.write(f"Please press {key_label} to start: ")
return input()
def render_grid(self, tetris_grid, clear=True):
"""Render the Tetris grid."""
if clear:
display_contents = ""
for column in tetris_grid.grid_squares:
for grid_square in column:
display_contents += str(grid_square)
display_contents += "\n"
def render_game_over_message(self, grid):
"""Display the game over message."""
print("Game Over!\n")
self.render_grid(grid, clear=False)
def _clear(self):
# pass
print(chr(27) + "[2J")
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