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"""Classes: GridSquare."""
from src.element_type import ElementType
class GridSquare:
GridSquare represents a single square of the Tetris board and can be filled and cleared.
GridSquare is effectively a 'unit' of game state and is the only mutable object in the project.
When GridSquare is occupied, it maintains a reference to the ElementType of the Element occupying it.
def __init__(self):
"""Construct an empty GridSquare."""
self.occupied_by = ElementType.NONE
def __repr__(self):
"""Generate text representation of this GridSquare."""
if self.is_empty():
return " "
return "*"
def is_empty(self, ignore_elements=[]):
"""Indicate whether the GridSquare is empty."""
return self.occupied_by is ElementType.NONE or self.occupied_by in ignore_elements
def fill_with(self, element):
"""Fill this GridSquare with the given Element."""
self.occupied_by = element.type
def clear(self):
"""Clear this GridSquare."""
self.occupied_by = ElementType.NONE
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