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"""Classes: Layout."""
from src.immutable import Immutable
from src.position import Position
class Layout(Immutable):
"""Represents a layout for a game object."""
def __init__(self, positions):
Construct a Layout from a list of Position instances.
The co-ordinates of each Position should be relative to the origin of the Layout.
Position(0, 0),
Position(0, 1),
Position(1, 0)
Results in the following Layout:
* *
super(Layout, self).__init__(attrs_dict={
'positions': positions
def __repr__(self):
"""Return text representation."""
return f"layout: {self.positions}"
def rotated(self, degrees):
"""Return a new verson of this Layout rotated by the given degrees about its origin."""
return Layout([position.rotated(degrees) for position in self.positions])
def magnified(self, times):
"""Return a new verson of this Layout magnified by the given factor."""
if times > 1:
positions = []
for position in self.positions:
positions.append(position.add(Position(1, 0)))
positions.append(position.add(Position(0, 1)))
positions.append(position.add(Position(1, 1)))
return Layout(set(positions)).magnified(times - 1)
return Layout(set(self.positions))
def flipped_horizontally(self):
"""Return a new verson of this Layout flipped horizontally about its origin."""
positions = []
for position in self.positions:
positions.append(position.dot_product(Position(-1, 1)))
return Layout(positions)
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