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"""Classes: Tetris."""
import random
from src.tetris_grid import TetrisGrid
from src.tetris_piece_factory import Layouts
from src.tetris_piece_factory import TetrisPieceFactory
from src.errors import GameOverException
from src.position import Position
from settings import GRID_SIZE
from src.immutable import Immutable
from src.movement_type import MovementType
class Tetris(Immutable):
Tetris contains the game logic for CLI Tetris.
The game logic is totally independent of its user interface.
Tetris makes calls to its user interface to obtain user input and render the tetris board.
def __init__(self, user_interface):
"""Construct a new Tetris game with the given user interface."""
super(Tetris, self).__init__(attrs_dict={
'user_interface': user_interface
def play(self):
"""Play a game of Tetris."""
game_over = False
grid = TetrisGrid(GRID_SIZE)
piece_factory = TetrisPieceFactory()
active_piece = self._add_new_piece_to_grid(grid, piece_factory)
while not game_over:
# Check if piece can be be moved by player in-place
# Get player move and add piece in new position if valid move
moved = False
if grid.object_has_valid_move(active_piece):
movement_type = self.user_interface.get_player_move()
if movement_type is not MovementType.NONE:
moved_piece = active_piece.moved(movement_type)
if grid.can_add_object(moved_piece):
active_piece = moved_piece
moved = True
# Check if piece can be moved down
# Check if piece can still be added after moving downwards after move
# TODO: need to check fractions of downward move when MOVE_UNITS > 1
moved_piece = active_piece.moved_down()
if grid.can_add_object(moved_piece):
active_piece = moved_piece
moved = True
if not moved:
active_piece = self._add_new_piece_to_grid(grid, piece_factory)
except GameOverException as e:
def _add_new_piece_to_grid(self, grid, piece_factory):
xPos = random.randint(
grid.get_lowest_allowed_x_position() + Layouts.MAX_DIMENSION,
grid.get_highest_allowed_x_position() - Layouts.MAX_DIMENSION
position = Position(xPos, grid.y_bounds[1] - Layouts.MAX_DIMENSION)
piece = piece_factory.get_random_piece_at_position(position)
if grid.can_add_object(piece):
raise GameOverException("New piece cannot be added to board!")
return piece
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