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"""Classes: TetrisGrid."""
from src.grid_square import GridSquare
from src.element import Element
from src.element_type import ElementType
from src.position import Position
from src.movement_type import MovementType
from src.errors import ElementOutOfBoundsException
from src.errors import ElementConflictException
from src.immutable import Immutable
class TetrisGrid(Immutable):
"""Maintains the state of the Tetris board."""
def __init__(self, size):
"""Construct a square TetrisGrid with the given size."""
# Initialise grid squares
grid_squares = []
for column_index in range(0, size):
column = []
for row_index in range(0, size):
super(TetrisGrid, self).__init__(attrs_dict={
"_size": size,
"x_bounds": (0, size - 1),
"y_bounds": (0, size - 1),
"grid_squares": grid_squares
# Populate grid with fixed elements
for row_num in range(*self.y_bounds):
# Left Wall
self._get_grid_square(Position(self.x_bounds[0], row_num)).fill_with(Element(ElementType.WALL))
# Right wall
self._get_grid_square(Position(self.y_bounds[-1], row_num)).fill_with(Element(ElementType.WALL))
# Floor
for col_num in range(*self.y_bounds):
self._get_grid_square(Position(col_num, self.y_bounds[0])).fill_with(Element(ElementType.WALL))
def get_lowest_allowed_x_position(self):
"""Return the minimum x coordinate of this grid."""
return self.x_bounds[0] + TetrisGrid.WALL_THICKNESS
def get_highest_allowed_x_position(self):
"""Return the maximum x coordinate of this grid."""
return self.x_bounds[1] - TetrisGrid.WALL_THICKNESS
def _get_lowest_allowed_y_position(self):
return self.y_bounds[0] + TetrisGrid.WALL_THICKNESS
def _get_highest_allowed_y_position(self):
return self.y_bounds[1] - TetrisGrid.WALL_THICKNESS
def add_object(self, object):
"""Add the given game object to the grid."""
for element in object.elements:
if not self._position_within_bounds(element.position):
raise ElementOutOfBoundsException(f"Element is out of bounds of grid at {element.position.rounded()}")
grid_square = self._get_grid_square(element.position)
if not grid_square.is_empty():
raise ElementConflictException(
f"Element conflicts with existing element in grid at {element.position.rounded()}"
def can_add_object(self, object):
"""Determine whether the given object can be added to the grid."""
return all([
for element in object.elements
def _can_add_element(self, element):
return (
self._position_within_bounds(element.position) and
def remove_object(self, object):
"""Remove the given object from the grid."""
for element in object.elements:
grid_square = self._get_grid_square(element.position)
def object_has_valid_move(self, object):
"""Determine whether the given object has any possible valid moves at its position."""
movement_types = [
for movement_type in movement_types:
moved_piece = object.moved(movement_type)
if self.can_add_object(moved_piece):
return True
return False
def _position_within_bounds(self, position):
return (
self._position_within_x_bounds(position.x) and
def _position_within_x_bounds(self, x_pos):
return x_pos >= self.get_lowest_allowed_x_position() and x_pos <= self.get_highest_allowed_x_position()
def _position_within_y_bounds(self, y_pos):
return y_pos >= self._get_lowest_allowed_y_position() and y_pos <= self._get_highest_allowed_y_position()
def _get_grid_square(self, position):
return self.grid_squares[int(self._size - 1 - position.rounded().y)][int(position.rounded().x)]
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