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"""Classes: Tetris Piece."""
from src.element import Element
from src.element_type import ElementType
from src.movement_type import MovementType
from src.errors import InvalidMoveException
from src.immutable import Immutable
from settings import MOVE_UNITS
class TetrisPiece(Immutable):
"""Represents a Tetris piece."""
def __init__(self, layout, position):
"""Construct a TetrisPiece using the given Layout located at the given Position."""
super(TetrisPiece, self).__init__(attrs_dict={
'layout': layout,
'position': position,
'elements': [
Element(ElementType.PIECE, position.add(elem_position))
for elem_position in layout.positions
def moved_down(self):
"""Return a new version of this TetrisPiece translated downwards by one unit."""
return self.moved(MovementType.DOWN)
def moved(self, movement_type):
"""Return a new version of this TetrisPiece moved according to the given MovementType."""
new_position = self.position
new_layout = self.layout
if movement_type == MovementType.NONE:
elif movement_type == MovementType.DOWN:
new_position = self.position.translated(0, -MOVE_UNITS)
elif movement_type == MovementType.LEFT:
new_position = self.position.translated(-MOVE_UNITS, 0)
elif movement_type == MovementType.RIGHT:
new_position = self.position.translated(MOVE_UNITS, 0)
elif movement_type == MovementType.ROTATE_CLOCKWISE:
new_layout = self.layout.rotated(-90)
elif movement_type == MovementType.ROTATE_ANTICLOCKWISE:
new_layout = self.layout.rotated(90)
raise InvalidMoveException(f"Invalid movement type: {movement_type}")
return TetrisPiece(new_layout, new_position)
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