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using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Net;
using FluentFTP;
namespace Examples {
internal static class OpenReadExample {
public static void OpenRead() {
using (var conn = new FtpClient()) {
conn.Host = "localhost";
conn.Credentials = new NetworkCredential("ftptest", "ftptest");
using (var istream = conn.OpenRead("/full/or/relative/path/to/file")) {
try {
// istream.Position is incremented accordingly to the reads you perform
// istream.Length == file size if the server supports getting the file size
// also note that file size for the same file can vary between ASCII and Binary
// modes and some servers won't even give a file size for ASCII files! It is
// recommended that you stick with Binary and worry about character encodings
// on your end of the connection.
finally {
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