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v40 Migration Guide

1. Connect to your FTP server

  • Automatic Connection - Automatically connecting to an FTP/FTPS server by detecting correct connection settings.

  • FTP Connection - Manually connecting to an FTP/FTPS server.

  • FTPS Proxies - Connecting to an FTP/FTPS server through a Proxy.

  • Custom Servers - How to handle custom FTP servers which behave differently.

2. Perform FTP commands

3. Logging and troubleshooting

4. Testing and contributing

  • Automated Testing - How to run the automated test suite and supported servers

  • Contributing - FAQs on using Github and creating pull requests

  • Future Plans - Important features that are planned for future releases

  • Notes - Old notes and info

5. API documentation

  • Classes - All the API classes in FluentFTP

  • Methods - All the API methods in FluentFTP.FtpClient

  • Enums - All the API enums in FluentFTP

  • Powershell Guide - How to use FluentFTP from your Powershell scripts